Edmontonas Latviešu Biedrība IMANTA, Kanādas visvecākā aktīvā latviešu biedrība, tika dibināta 1947. gadā. Musu oficiālā darbības valoda ir angļu valoda, lai labāk iesaistītu un informētu visas latviešu paaudzes.

The Edmonton Latvian Society IMANTA, Canada’s oldest active Latvian society, was founded in 1947. In order to accommodate and include all Latvians and those of Latvian heritage, our official language of business is English.

IMANTA is an organization of people of Latvian heritage living in Alberta.  Whether you’re a new Latvian moving to Edmonton, have one Great-great-great grandparent who was Latvian, if you’re married to one (bless you!), or if you are simply curious about who Latvians are and what they like to do, give us a shout or leave a message on the blog.

Check back regularly for updates on IMANTA’s events, news, and activities for members. Email imantaedmonton@gmail.com for more information.