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Fall Updates from IMANTA

Vasara uz beigām steidzas
Rudens vēji grib mūs sveikt…

Mūsu latviešu sabiedrībā ir daudz jaunumu kopš pēdējā apkārtraksta izsūtīšanas. Līgo svinēšana notika skaistā pēpusdienā ar 73 apmeklētājiem, starp tiem ari viesi no Latvijas, Oregonas, Britu Kolumbijas un Kalgārijas. Augustā viesojās Inita Daniele no Rīgas un mums bija divas aizņemtas un vērtīgas sēņošanu dienas un pārrunas ar šo sēņu eksperti. Kopš maija mēneša Edmontonā ir ieradušies divpadsmit jauni latvieši un nākamās dienās ir vēl trīs gaidāmi. Vēlam viņiem visu to labāko jaunu dzīvi uzsākot.

As we enjoy this belated summer and plan for fall, it’s also time to look back on all that has happened in our community since our last newsletter.
The Līgo celebration was another successful event with 73 participants, including guests from Latvia, Oregon, British Columbia and Calgary. It was wonderful to reconnect with old friends and meet new people. Many thanks to everyone who helped make it a great afternoon, and a special thank you to Martin Osis for providing the delicious roast pig. Congratulations to Inta London for winning the highly-contested pirāg-baking prize!

Several members attended the Hamilton Song Festival, a busy and entertaining weekend which proved to everyone that smaller can be better. All concerts were easily accessible and the venues made it easier to feel involved. The next festival will be in Milwaukee in 2012.

Our casino was held in mid-August. Jim McDonald did an outstanding job of organising volunteers, arranging shifts, and keeping everyone well-fed and happy with their duties. His job is the most difficult and we are very grateful for his help.Inita Daniele, a mushroom expert from Riga, was in Edmonton for two weeks in August. She was a dynamic, energetic guest. In addition to her work with the Alberta Mycological Society, she spent a weekend guiding our members through the Devonian Gardens and the wilds of Wildwood. It was a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about mushrooms found in our area. Martin provided additional colourful information and, once again, a delicious feast to celebrate the forays. We enjoyed our collaboration with the A.M.S. and look forward to other such opportunities in the future.

Since mid-May, thirteen new Latvians have arrived in Edmonton for work or study. Three more are scheduled to arrive by the end of this month. They all face challenges in starting anew in a different country. We thank all those who contributed furniture or household goods to make
their transition easier.

Congratulations to Laura and Egon Jonsson on the safe arrival of Thomas Edward in July, and congratulations to the Kononovs family on receiving permanent residency!

IMANTA is starting a seniors’ transportation programme through Yellow Cab, using our casino funds. Taxi vouchers which have been sent to seniors on our mailing list may be used for transportation to doctors’ appointments, church services or social gatherings in the city area. If you did not receive your vouchers, please call Ena at 780-468-2728 or Inta at 780-963-3593.

One of the guests at our Līgo celebration was a gentleman from Oregon who was researching his family tree. He had very little information and was interested in anything that could be related. His grandparents came to the Edmonton area almost 100 years ago and his father, George Lapin, was born here. He contacted IMANTA for information and, as we communicated with him, we realised our community has its own rich and colourful history which is in danger of being lost. Many of our members are seniors and have information and stories that should be shared. To this end, we are starting a long-term project to gather and centralise such information. Please start thinking about what facts and details you would like to share about your family, your origins, and how you came to Edmonton. More information will follow in future newsletters.

Our November celebration will be held on Sunday, November 15th, at the Royal Glenora Club. It will feature the Swiss Men’s Choir and a delicious brunch. Details to follow.

The DVD The Soviet Story is available to anyone who wishes to borrow it. Please call Ena.

IMANTA has a blog! Here’s the link:
Huge thanks to Fawnda Mithrush for bringing us into the 21st century!

If you would like to receive this newsletter electronically, please email

Ar cieņu,


IMANTA is very happy to annouce a visit by mycology expert Inita Daniele for this summer’s Senoshana Weekend, August 15 & 16. As the head of the Botany department at the Latvian Museum of Natural History, Daniele has written several mushroom field guides in Latvia, and will be giving talks translated by IMANTA’s own mycology expert and member of the Alberta Mycological Society, Martin Osis. Daniele will also be taking part in the Alberta Foray at Northern Lights College in Grouard, AB, from August 20-23 (info and registration available at

Mushroom Walk:
A stroll through the Gardens’ interesting natural areas. Diverse areas will have many different examples of mushrooms. The walking here will generally be slow and fairly easy. Wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat, and a jacket in case it rains. Also bring a snack and some water.
Saturday, August 15, 2009 – 12:00 – 4:00 pm.
Where: Devonian Botanic Gardens – Hwy 60, west of Edmonton. Meeting in the southwest corner of the parking lot between 11:30 & noon. Leaving the parking lot at 12:00 noon sharp.

And later that evening (7-9pm)…

A Mushroom Talk:
Latvian mushroom traditions ~ mushrooms found in the woods and in the kitchen. Refreshments and dessert will be served.
Where: Lithuanian Hall, 11629-83 Street.

Mushroom picking:
This will be out in the woods so there will not be trails to walk on and may mean some climbing over fallen logs and running away from bears. God willing, we will return to Rudovics’ property on Lake Isle for a Potluck / Barbeque supper at 4:00 pm (please email for a map). With any luck we will have some mushrooms to cook and taste. For those of you who cannot make it for the full day, join us at 4:00 for the supper. After supper we will go for a short mushroom walk on the property. Wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat and a jacket in case it rains. Also bring a lunch, some water and a MUSHROOM BASKET!
When: Sunday, August 16, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Where: Meet in Gainford, parking lot of Gainford Hotel (Hwy 16 near Lake Isle), leaving to foray at 10:00 am sharp.

IMANTA is now on facebook!

That’s right: we’ve caved to the latest web craze. Considering IMANTA is about Latvians coming together, joining the world’s largest social networking site is a great way to introduce new people to the group, and keep the existing members in contact with each other.

You can join IMANTA’s facebook group here, or by clicking the link below. (You’ll need to have a facebook account to join.) Please forward the group to anyone you know that may be interested in learning more about the organization and events. The more people who join, the more we can keep updated—and hopefully keep IMANTA’s membership in contact with each other!

We’ll still keep the updates growing on this blog, including the planned Senoshana/Mushroom afternoon coming up on August 15. Check back for details soon!

Oh, what a night!

Imanta’s annual Ligo celebration was a day of great fun, and will surely be remembered as one of the most eventful gatherings of Edmonton’s Latvian community. Over 70 attendees made the trek to the Rud0vics’ property at Lake Isle on June 27th, with guests coming from as far as Portland Oregon and Riga. It was a full day of wreath-making, fire-jumping, pierag tasting, and pig-roasting. Of course, there were many reunions of old friends and introductions of new members and visitors. Thanks to all who attended!

Some highlights:

The master roaster himself parades the day's work to the dinner table.
Making daisy and oak wreaths
Making daisy and oak wreaths
The judges carefully chew at the Pierag Tasting.
The judges carefully chew at the Pierag Tasting.
The weather couldn't have been any better. Sveiks!
The weather couldn't have been any better. Sveiks!

Ligo Ligo!

ligoIt’s time to celebrate the summer solstice!

IMANTA invites you to their annual Līgo celebration at Lake Isle on Saturday, June 27th, anytime after 2pm (for a map, email

Jāņi is a traditional midsummer festival that marks the longest day and shortest night of the year.  Jāņi customs—which include much singing, dancing and merriment, as well as leaping over the fire and burning last Midsummer’s wreaths—are believed to bring the aid of good spirits into the home, barn, field, and forest.  As an old Līgo song says: “he who sleeps during Jāņi will sleep for the whole summer!” Kas gulēs Jāņu naktī, gulēs visu vasariņ!

ligofoodWreath-making will start at 3pm and some flowers will be provided, but please bring flowers and oak branches if you can. There will be piragi-tasting and cheese-tasting contests as well, and we hope for many entries as last year’s winner defends his title. We will provide roast pork, wieners, salads, rye bread, cheese, dessert and refreshments. Bring a lawnchair for your own use. There will be a bonfire later, weather permitting. Remember to bring your old wreaths to throw on the fire.

Hello World!


Welcome to Imanta Latvian Society of Edmonton, a forum for people of Latvian heritage living in Edmonton, Alberta. We’re excited to have an online presence now, and will be here to update you on all of the organization’s events, news, and activities for members.

Whether you’re a new Latvian coming to Edmonton, have one Great-great-great grandparent who was Latvian, if you’re married to one (bless you!), or if you’re simply curious about who Latvians are and what they like to do, give us a shout or leave a message on the blog.

Prieks iepazities!
And check back soon for updates.