Our learning season has resumed! Join us for family fun and a little Latvian culture! Meet other Latvian families in Edmonton. Our Latvian children’s group is once again ready  to make this a great year for learning the Latvian language, enjoying a great time with Latvian friends, learning interesting things about Latvia and learning some Latvian dances.  The IMANTA Children’s Group now meets twice per month, on Sundays from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Laurier Heights Community Hall, 14405 85 Ave, NW Edmonton, AB

We’re very excited to have an experienced Latvian language teacher- Inga Goba. She will help the children develop Latvian language skills through fun and challenging activities. We will continue to be active and learn more Latvian dances – with amazing instructor Inga Else.

We can accommodate for different ages, so come and experience the Latvian way first hand through fun and interesting activities. See you soon!

Latvian Children group dates for 2020 are: (more dates will be added)

– September 13th
– September 27th
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the following address:


2020With a short announcement from Imanta’s president (Nelda) and the sound of the bell🔔, we began our first session on September 13th for this year of Latvian children’s group!!! The kids got a phenomenal chance to try out writing with a quill and also tried some drawing with coal.

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This amazing idea was made possible by teacher Inga Goba idea.👌 Thank you everyone for participating and all the good wishes for this year! Our first session was awesome,  all the kids got to see and interact with each other once again! Next Latvian children’s group session:

September 27th at 11pm on Laurier Heights Community Hall.

💫Please contact Zane at to confirm your participation!

2018Our children performed a lovely dance at our November  17th 100th anniversary celebration of the Independence of Latvia! Here is a portion of their performance.

🍂It was a Fall celebration in the Latvian Children group!🍂

🍎Our children have done such amazing vegetable arts! We’re so proud of them. So many amazing ideas!

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