Welcome to Imanta Latvian Society of Edmonton, a forum for people of Latvian heritage living in Edmonton, Alberta. We’re excited to have an online presence now, and will be here to update you on all of the organization’s events, news, and activities for members.

Whether you’re a new Latvian coming to Edmonton, have one Great-great-great grandparent who was Latvian, if you’re married to one (bless you!), or if you’re simply curious about who Latvians are and what they like to do, give us a shout or leave a message on the blog.

Prieks iepazities!
And check back soon for updates.


  1. Is there any contact list or member list for Imanta? Being from Oregon, I do not have ready access to any of the Edmonton area folks, many of whom Jean and I met at the Ligo festival. I have Ena, Inta and Helen’s contact info, but not that of several others we met.

    Also – is the newsletter set up for E-mailing to those who desire to receive it that way vs. mailing and printing costs?

    1. Hi Phil,
      As the blog admin, I don’t have most of the contact information for the membership. I’d say that emailing Ena and asking her for some of the contacts you’d like would be your best bet! She’d also be the one to contact about subscribing to the newsletter.


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