Martin is offering some furniture and household items to newcomers who might need help in getting settled. Please contact him at martin@cris-se.com 


IMANTA’s transportation program for seniors through Yellow Cab is ongoing and well-used. It is made possible thanks to our casino funds. Seniors may use these vouchers for transportation to doctors’ appointments, church services, shopping or social events in the city area.

The old vouchers will not be valid after November 1, 2012, because Yellow Cab is changing their system. New vouchers will be sent to our regular users but if anyone else would like to start using this program, please call Ena at 780-468-2728.


Thanks to an initiative by Rasma in Calgary, a small bakery in that city has started baking Latvian bread, better known as saldskābmaize. The baker is from Slovakia. He is enthusiastic and the results are authentic. For now, they are baking this bread on Fridays only.

For information or to order, please contact:

Watermill Bakery  #114, 5403 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary, Alberta

Phone (403) 450-4995   or  watermillbakery@yahoo.ca

 The baker has also shown interest in other Latvian recipes such as pīrāgi, Aleksandra kūkas andklinģeris.Does anyone have contacts with a bakery in Edmonton for something similar? Let us know!


Information about Imanta’s self-administered scholarships was posted online on October 9th.

The deadline for application is November 9, 2012.

Stay in touch with IMANTA at http://www.imanta.ca or on  Facebook.

Any comments, complaints or suggestions are always welcome.


 Our November celebration will be held on November 17th. This is one of our main events and a good opportunity to meet and visit. Last year’s celebration at the Lithuanian Hall was enjoyed by all and we will return there this year. There is an elevator at the hall.  Please reply on time if you are attending because we need to let the caterer know how many guests to expect for dinner! You can also reply by email to imantaedmonton@gmail.com

Jūs laipni ielūdz uz

Latvijas valsts neatkarības pasludināšanas

18. novembra

94 gadu atceres svinībām

 Sestdien, 2012. gada 17. novembrī

Edmontonas Lietuviešu namā

11629—83 ielā, Edmontonā

 Viesu sagaidīšana                   plkst. 16:00

Programmas atklāšana             plkst. 16:45

Vakariņas                                plkst. 17:00


Madrigal Singers Koris

Sekos saviesīgais vakars

Ar dziedāšanu

 Ieejas maksa

   Biedriem        $20.00    

Pārejiem           $25.00

Bērniem  6-11 g.v.    $10.00

 Lūdzu pieteikties līdz 10. novembrim pie

Helenas Richards  (780) 483-5692

Enas Rudovicas  (780) 468-2728


 Transports senioriem piedāvāts ar Yellow Cab

IMANTA cordially invites you to the commemoration of the 94th anniversary of Latvian independence

on Saturday, November 17, 2012 at:

Edmonton Lithuanian Hall

11629—83 Street, Edmonton

 Reception                               4:00 pm

Opening                                   4:45 pm

Dinner                                     5:00pm

 Program featuring

Madrigal Singers

Followed by

Social evening


Members                                $20.00

Non-members                        $25.00

Children 6-11                         $10.00                       

 RSVP by November 10, 2012

Helen Richards                       (780) 483-5692

Ena Rudovics                           (780) 468-2728



Transportation for seniors available through Yellow Cab.



        Edmontonas Latviešu Biedrība      Edmonton Latvian Society

                     Annual memberships will be available at the door on Saturday, November 17th, 2012.

                     Please fill out this form and bring it with you, or mail to

                    Edmonton Latvian Society Imanta

                    10314 – 173A Avenue  Edmonton  T5X 3X2



Biedru maksa                          2012-2013                annual membership



Vārds/Name ______________________________________________


Adrese/Address ___________________________________________




Telefons/Telephone ________________________________________


E-pasts/E-mail ____________________________________________



$20.00 /person                       $15/senior                        $40.00/family

    (children to age 18)



Paid: cash ___________ cheque # __________



Čeki rakstāmi :                                                  Please make cheques payable to :


The Edmonton Latvian Society IMANTA


Paldies par Jūsu atbalstu                                   Thank you for your support 



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