On January 22, 2022 all are invited to join the #standwithukraine campaign and show support for the Ukrainian people’s right to live free and in peace in their own land. Write a support letter to your Local Canadian Parliament Official. A sample letter is included in the following link:
More information here:https://www.ucc.ca/stand-with-ukraine/

Please see attached link to find out who represents in your area. 


  1. Friends, just to let you know I have forwarded this information from Imanta to my neighbours in the Hromada Housing Co-Op to let them know we stand with them. Many of them have family members in Ukraine.

    Venta Kabzems

    Sent from my iPad

  2. The timing looks good for students! I was wondering if I have your approval to forward this information to my neighbours in the Hromada Housing Co-op. I know several of them speak Russian in addition to Ukranian/Polish, plus many of them at one time or another have “acted” in the sense of working at the Ukranian Village during the summer.

    Venta Kabzems vkabzems@hotmail.com ________________________________

    1. Of course. Our website is available to the public. Applications for the positions are to be directed to the company in charge of recruiting.

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