Allied Container Systems Canada (ACSC) is currently seeking 15-20 people of Latvian descent, aged 18-65, who can speak Russian/Latvian and would like to participate in a training project with the Canadian Military, which will take place May 8-21, 2022, in Wainwright, Alberta. This company has been involved in the annual military training project at Wainwright for several years.

There will be 4000+ soldiers from across Canada and the USA taking part in the training. Civilians play the roles of villagers according to various scenarios planned by the military, so that the troops learn how to interact with the locals in different situations in the country in which they’ll be stationed. ACSC has everything needed for special effects and props to make each scenario as realistic as possible. This year the army is training for Latvia. They require that all major roles (mayor, doctor, teacher, religious person) be filled by Russian speakers. Latvian-only speakers would be extras, as on a movie set. ACSC is looking for ordinary people who want a totally different experience, can handle adventure and outside environment, and be out of their comfort zone. No acting experience is necessary but a good attitude is an asset. From a civilian perspective, this project has been sometimes called summer camp with ad-lib theatre/improv.

Applicants must be available to live in barracks on site for the whole 2 week period. Civilians receive ~$190/day, 3 great meals with vegetarian options, plus many snacks & beverages. Other special diets cannot be accommodated. The military will provide a letter of explanation for anyone whose employer would require one. ACSC will hold information nights as required, to show videos and answer questions.

Important: all applicants must have lived in Canada 5 years and be able to pass a security clearance, with fingerprinting, as demanded by the military. Everyone must be double-vaxxed and boosted. A PCR test is required before leaving home and another one upon arrival on site. Everyone will wear a mask on site.Applications should be received by the end of February.To receive an application form or for more information, contact Kelly Mccoshen, Operations Manager, at

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