Greetings to all our members and friends!

The past two years has transformed nearly every aspect of our world. Our friends, family, colleagues, and communities have had their lives changed in critical ways that could have much longer-lasting effects. Living through a global pandemic has driven dramatic shifts in our jobs, eating habits, childcare, gatherings and even our collective sense of time. Virtually no one has been left untouched after so many months of such disruption. A generous dose of empathy and understanding will make us all stronger as we rebuild and remake our world in the year ahead.

Imanta will celebrate 75 years on March 8th! It was founded in 1947 and we can be proud that it is the oldest active Latvian organization in Canada. This is a remarkable achievement considering our location and distance from other large centres! We are looking forward to celebrating this achievement with all of you, hopefully in near future. And can you believe this, one of its founding members, Viola Baker will celebrate her 100th birthday this month!

We are very proud of our past president, Ena Rudovics who received a special award from PBLA (Pasaules Brivo Latviesu Apvieniba). Ena was awarded for her many years of doing an outstanding job running and guiding the Latvian Society in Edmonton.

We are also very proud of our Latvian School children and teachers who continue to work during the pandemic. Our teachers Zane Vendelina and Inga Goba have received a Special Recognition Diploma from LNAK, (The Latvian National Federation in Canada) Educational Branch for their continuous work with children during the pandemic.

Our 2021 scholarship program recipients were announced in December. Congratulations to Andrea, Raivo, Luke, Gita, Daniel, Marena, Caitlyn, Felix and Liva! Since this program commenced in 2010, Imanta has awarded 119 scholarships for a total of $250,000!

LNAK board elections are on until March 5th. If anyone is interested please click the LNAK link for information on becoming member and voting. LNAK website link

Our Imanta annual general meeting will take place end of March or beginning of April. More information to come. It is a new year and Imanta membership fees are due for all of our members. Membership information can be found in ‘Forms’ on our website. Memberships that were purchased in September, October or December 2021 are considered to be current for 2022. All paid members will receive the minutes of last years AGM in a separate mailing. There will be a draw for one member to win a one year subscription to Latvia Amerika Newspaper.

For latest posts and news revisit our website often or sign up to receive email notifications whenever new information has been posted. You can also email us with any suggestions or questions:

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