OK lets see if we can make it happen here in Edmonton!  Saturday, May 5th 1 p.m at the Fort Edmonton Foot Bridge.

May 4 is the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia Day, which is the perfect time to gather families, friends, neighbours and communities around a white-clad table, cherishing togetherness and the gift of living in a free country of our own.

May 5, this year on Saturday, is the perfect time to continue celebrating Latvia and its hundred years with a healthy and fun sports activity! “Jog Latvia in the World” is the activity that invites you to create a jogging, walking or biking route resembling the geographic shape of Latvia around your town or city with the help of your favourite sports app. The distance does not matter – it is all about the contour and the fun! You can share your route in the social networks with your friends, family members and neighbours, using the hashtag #izskrienLatviju, and invite them to participate also. Let’s all jog Latvia in the world together!




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